Tweak-7 1.0 build 1185

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Tweak-7 logo Date: 06 November 2013
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Note: Tweak-7 is the world's first tweaking and optimization software designed for Windows 7...
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Publisher's Review:

Tweak-7 1.0 - the world's first tweaking and optimization software designed for Windows 7.
Tweak-7 comes with heaps of fantastic features, all packed into one single application:

- Be prepared ... Tweak-7: not just another tweaking software.
- Tweak-7: all the vitamins your Windows 7 needs!
- Packed with hundreds of tweaks. Everything you need to customize and tweak your Windows 7 to fit your needs. From startmenu, to desktop tweaks, from taskbar customization to system tweaks.

- Packed with features to optimize your Windows 7 experience. A system cleanup suite never seen before in just one application: an incredible fast registry cleaner, a registry defragmentation feature (compresses the Windows registry), a disk drive clean up utility, and much more...
- All the vitamins your Windows 7 needs. 3D system performance analyzation combined with heaps of system related tweaks to optimize your Windows 7 in speed and reliability. System restrictions: you allow what is allowed on your system and what is not: protected folders, protected applications.
- Automatic internet connection optmization. Tweak-7 includes an internet connection analyzer, which automatically inspects your internet connection to speed it up by up to 25% - this incredible new feature is a must for every Windows 7 user used to browse the net at high speed!

(Tweak-7 version 1.0 build 1165)
- Several improvements of the registry cleaner and system cleanup features
- Lots of internal changes fixing a few pretty rare issues that were responsible for a bad performance of the system service
- Updated language files