Smith Micro StuffIt

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Date: 13 July 2012
Size: 37.33 MB (32-bit), 38.93 MB (x64)
Price: 30-day free trial, $49.99
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Note: With StuffIt you can create and access email attachments and downloads, protect data, and transfer files...
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Publisher's Review:

Get better compression than other Zip utilities with StuffIt Deluxe. You can create both Zip and StuffIt X Archives, but StuffIt's compressors are specifically targeted for maximum efficiency with, images (JPEG, TIFFs) audio (MP3s) and PDFs, and Microsoft® Office documents and PowerPoint® presentations with no quality loss.

StuffIt Archive Manager provides more advanced features for creating, searching, and browsing archives. Browse and search inside the contents of StuffIt X, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives, including encoded archives, and compressed Tar archives (tarballs) without having to expand them. Use StuffIt Scheduler to create an automatic backup routine, one that will sift through your files and back up only those items that have recently changed.

StuffIt SmartSend takes the guesswork out of sending large files via email. Simply select the files you want to send and choose "Stuff & Mail." from the contextual menu. Use StuffIt SEA Builder to create mini-installers.

Also includes StuffIt Expander which will open compressed and encoded attachments and file downloads in over 30 different formats including StuffIt, Zip, RAR and Tar.