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namo-web-editor-logo Date: 03 April 2011
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Note: Namo WebEditor is HTML-based complete WYSIWYG multimedia web authoring tool for both beginners and experts...
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Namo WebEditor 9.0 is an award-winning, HTML-based complete WYSIWYG multimedia web authoring tool for both beginners and experts! Namo WebEditor is one of the most complete Web authoring applications ever created and quite possibly the only software you will need to create, edit, publish and manage your websites. An integrated development environment empowers Web professionals to create cutting-edge sites. Easy-to-use functions enable beginners to grow into highly-skilled Web designers. Beginners, get ready to create websites with Namo Site Wizard. Its powerful visual authoring environment allows you to conveniently add content to web pages without any knowledge of web code. The Site Wizard and the Site Manager will make creating and maintaining a complete website easier than ever. Advanced users can create and manage websites using our powerful tools such as Real-time synchronization between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML Mode and the Quick Tag Editor.

Namo WebEditor 9
 is an integrated software package that includes 6 applications and tools in one box. One simple installation gives you everything you need to make great Web pages and create stunning graphics. It maximizes user convenience with a ¡®ribbon¡¯ menu user interface, provides ICT tools for online learning and has standard web features for creating content quickly and easily.

Enjoyable Site Building
Namo WebEditor 9.0.0 features an improved a ribbon menu where toolbars are organized by tabs and often-used commands can be accessed more easily than in previous versions. Our new improved UI will reduce your working time. You can also customize the Namo WebEditor user interface by picking a Color Scheme. Namo WebEditor offers three schemes: blue, black and gray. Choose the one you like the most. The Site Manager will help you to view your website as a whole. You can rearrange pages by clicking and dragging them on the Site Tree, and the Site Manager will automatically update the site structure and dynamic navigation bars. This is a quick and easy way to organize and update your site. Use our Site Library Panel to quickly access common site elements such as hyperlinks, images, music, etc. All you need to do is drag items from the Site Library panel into the editing window.

Powerful Publishing
Publish your whole site or update it on the Web with one click. Our Powerful Publishing Tool lets you upload local files or an entire local site to a Web server and also download files quickly and easily. When you use the Mirror Upload command, it automatically copies files and folders to their corresponding location on the remote site. Share your information directly through Social Networking and Blogs. You can link your site to social networking sites like Twitter to interact with your friends and customers. You can also add YouTube videos to your website. Easily upload documents to your blog as new posts, and download existing posts from your blog, edit them, and re-upload them. Namo WebEditor now supports Secure FTP. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over the network. Upload files to your site with confidence.

Cross Browser Compatibility
The number of popular browser options has increased with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE on the market. Does your website function across all of these browsers? It's very important that your website is usable across all major media, whether it is popular browsers or mobile devices. Namo WebEditor's Cross Browser Support features allow you to test the compatibility of your design with all major browsers. You can also test whether your web site works with specific older versions of various browsers. Make your site mobile friendly. The Mobile Preview feature helps you design a mobile version of your site for a variety of devices including iPhone 3 & 4, NexusOne, Droid, Galaxy S and Omnia.Our Source Validation feature checks your code for errors and ensures compatibility with various browsers and web standards.

Distinctive Page Creation
Namo WebEditor 9 makes it easier than ever to insert videos, audio recordings, Flash animations and other multimedia objects into your Web documents. With the Media Wizard, you can add a video or audio file to any document and have it play right on the page using Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or the RealOne Player in just a few simple steps. Scripts add interactivity and functionality to your sites through actions and events. Namo WebEditor includes over 80 built-in actions and supports 20 event types. Its Actions Panel provides a convenient list of all your scripts' events and actions. The Script Manager provides a convenient way to add, remove or modify any action attached to any element in the current document. You can also use it to see which elements have Script Wizard effects associated with them, and to remove those effects. The Chart Wizard lets you create charts from tables in three easy steps: select the chart template, arrange the data, and title the chart. You can create pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, 3D charts and more.

Easy Source Control Editing
Namo WebEditor can also simultaneously display the Edit, HTML, Preview, and Mobile Preview modes by splitting the main window. Changes you make in the visual editing pane are instantly reflected in the HTML source pane. Use the Quick Tag editor as a convenient alternative to switching to HTML mode when you just need to enter or edit a small amount of HTML code. You can also use Namo WebEditor's Clean up Source Code feature to clean up messy source code in documents created with other programs. You can remove proprietary tags, remove empty elements (such as Hello world), remove redundantly nested tags, and integrate adjacent tags where possible.
CSS2 and CSS3 rendering have been improved in Namo WebEditor's edit mode so that you can more accurately judge how your documents will appear in a web browser while you are editing them. WebEditor also provides integrated CSS editing with source coloring and code completion to make editing .ess files much easier than before. Work with the latest style sheet specifications in Namo WebEditor.

Create and Evaluate Educational Materials
Namo WebEditor's educational features allow you to make class projects, create lesson plans with the Teaching Plan Wizard, and give slide-show presentations using your web browser's full screen feature. Namo WebEditor also provides a Quiz Manager for creating quizzes with multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions. You can publish your teaching plans on your site and check the results of quizzes from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Key features include: full WYSIWYG editing environment, automatic creation of layout tables, powerful javascript actions and events, flexible wizard for database-driven pages, drag-and-drop site layout, dynamic navigation bars and trees, instant report generation, integrated resource management, editable themes, editable vector graphic elements, image touch-up and manipulation tools, image slicer, photo album creator.