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mp3-tag-studio Date: 21 September 2008, 27 September 2011 (beta)
Size: 3.92 MB, 5.53 MB (beta)
Price: freeware
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Note: Excellent mp3 tag editor...
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General program functionality:
Framework to perform complex operations on mp3:s.
As simple to work with single files as on with whole directories, directory trees and custom selected sets of files.
Full support for ID3v1.0, ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags (with optional "Super fast v2 tagging mode", which writes v2 tags to files faster than practically any other tagging program!)
Advanced customizable filtering capabilities to only perform any operations on files that meet certain custom set criteria.
Intuitive and clean interface to maximize speed and ease of use.
Advanced mode operation for experienced and advanced users, while in normal mode keeping the program easy to operate for newbie users and non-complex operation performing.
Preview operation mode for all tagging and renaming functions.
Undo-functionality for all tagging and renaming functions.
Includes powerful generic utility for case fixing and string replacement in any tag field or filename, plugged into all the applicable tools mentioned below.
Highly customizable shell extension (Windows explorer right click menu) with powerful operations on files and directories.
Detailed context sensitive help and optional in-program tooltips for all controls.

(Mp3 Tag Studio version 3.5 beta)
- Improved stability for working with corrupted ID3v2 tags

(Mp3 Tag Studio version 3.05)

- Added support for track numbers in the processing filter.
- Added a feature to save the raw contents of unsupported ID3v2 binary frames to file.
- Added a new prefix "Sync v1/v2 tags" in the "Direct tag manipulation" tool.
- Added an option for displaying, or not displaying, the average bitrate in the bitrate field of VBR files. One might not want to display this e.g. when the bitrate field is used to generate directory names (since most VBR files will have at least slightly different average bitrates).
- Added options "Check all files" and "Uncheck all files" to the context menu of the custom file selection list.
- Added a hotkey to the explorer dir-tree, pressing the enter key now causes the selected directory to become the working directory.
- Fixed a bug that under certain conditions caused the filter detection of synced/unsynced tags not to work.
- Fixed a bug that prevented more than one [NEWLINE] marker from being used in the same template separator sequence.
- Fixed a bug that under certain conditions prevented automatic creation of directories in the root-directory of any drive during file rename/move operations.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error when reordering the fields of the preview window in retag mode.
- Fixed a bug that caused the "Advanced ID3v2 info" window not to show when starting the program from the shell extension menu.
- Fixed a bug that under certain conditions could cause an error when deleting ID3v2-tags in the browse tool.
- Fixed a bug that caused the file selection in the browse tool file list box to change when certain file operation hot-keys were pressed.
- Fixed a bug that prevented manual deletion of additional frames from the "Advanced ID3v2 info" box of the browse tool if the file contained an ID3v2.2 tag with more than one non-convertable binary frame.
- Fixed a bug that gave incorrect warnings about certain filter settings.
- Fixed a GUI bug in the filter settings.
- Made the ID3v2 parse code more robust, to gracefully handle ID3v2 tags with corrupt extended header size fields.
- Corrected some misleading error messages.
- Added a warning/confirmation message when manually setting the flags in every mp3 frame of a file from the browse tool