IncrediMail 2 6.39 build 5274 / 2.5 6.6.0 build 5273

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incredimail logo Date: 24 July 2013, 29 July 2013 (beta)
Size: 11.90 MB, 12.46 MB
Price: freeware, Premium $29.95
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Note: Incredimail designs, develops and markets an integrated suite of email software products...
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Free IncrediMail designs, develops and markets an integrated suite of email software products that creates an entertaining email experience by offering users the ability to design a customized and personal presentation.
IncrediMail generates revenue by selling premium software products, offering subscriptions to its content database, licensing and co-branding the Incredi brand to operators of third-party websites; and by selling paid advertising and sponsored links on IncrediMail's website and email client.


(IncrediMail version 2.5 6.5.0 build 5239 RC3)
- Search assets changes in the installation are no longer mandatory
- Big performance improvements in sending and receiving email
- Fixed text bugs in some of the languages
- Fixed many other bugs, including a crash when exiting the app

(IncrediMail version 6.26 build 4992)
- Add Introduction tour
- Minor bug fixes