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dvbviewer-logo Date: 03 June 2014
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Note: DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC...
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What is it?
DVBViewer 5.3
 allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a proper DVB card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio!

What features does DVBViewer 5 provide?
It provides all basic functions you need to enjoy digital television and radio programs. In addition, DVBViewer offers you a wide range of advanced features such as Teletext, Electronic Programming Guide, Remote Control support and enhanced recording capabilities which enable you to record your favourite shows on hard-disc, edit them or share them with your friends.

Which features make it unique?
DVBViewer Pro contains functions which are groundbreaking : It was the first program with a so called DesktopTV mode and in its category the only product which offers AC-3 and Timeshifting features. It is even possible to handle more than one DVB device at the same time. Further on the multimedia skills of the DVBViewer do not need to hide behind other mediacenters. From playing multimedia contents up to receiving RSS newsfeeds, weather data, everything is possible.

(DVBViewer version 5.2.8)
- Change: TS Playback: The package size is now detected more accurate
- Fix: COM: The Interface IHbbTV is now located under the DVBViewer3 Interface
- Fix: Vod Source: Obviously wrong HbbTV-urls are not repaired
- Change: COM-Interface: HbbTV Interface is now moved to a new IDVBViewer3 Interface
- Add: COM-Interface: new OSD2 interface with Showpopup2 function
- Change: TS Playback with DVBSource: The TS packet size is now detected automatically. Previously DVBViewer only relied on the file extension (.ts, .m2ts)
- Fix: TS Playback with DVBSource: Under certain (rare) circumstances video wasn't detected in TS files
- Change: File/Stream Playback without DVBSource: Enhanced aspect ratio detection, particularly on-the-fly changes (depending on the video decoder)
- Fix: Stream Playback: A splitter name specified in a filtergraph preset wasn't assigned to the splitter and didn't show up under View -> Filters
- Add: File/Stream Playback: Presets are now shown under View -> Filters
- Add: Scanner: Widestring support in channel scan, same like in the GE
- Fix: Playback: support for IP servers
- Fix: Options Window: Fixed problems with missing labels on reopening this window
- Change: Options/Input: Changed the behavior of the "Learn" button
- Add: Recording Options: Added an option to record the Current Now/Next EIT EPG data stream
- Fix: Unicast Device Setup Window: The buffer count could not be adjusted
- Add: ActionIDs: Added ActionID 135 for Close Graph
- Fix: VCR: If a changed PMT PID was detected while recording the recording was restarted in an endless loop
- Fix: VCR: TS audio only recordings with more than one audio stream sometimes an audio stream was wrongly detected as PCR stream
- Fix: PMT-Parser: If the Service ID was set to 0 it was wrongly detected as PID 16
- Fix: PMT-Parser: The PMT parser used a wrong PID for non ATSC audio streams with the ID $81
- Update: DVBSource filter 3.7

Channel Logos
It is now possible to assign a logo to a channel with the help of the "channellogos.ini" file. The DVBViewer first checks if an entry for a channel is found in this file. If it isn't found it tries the old method (guessing)
The format of the channellogos.ini file is quite simple:
c=[Channelname} (UTF-8 encoded)
The "c=" entry exists for an improved readability the program just ignores it
If a logo can't be found or doesn't exist it is marked with logo=-
This avoids repeating and failing the search over and over again

Recording Service
- Fix: Service Options: The test button showed the XML answer of the request
- Fix: Service Options: "Ignore local recording list" is now ignored if the RS support is deactivated
- Change: Service Support: The MAC of the Recording Service PC (needed for WOL) is now updated on every DVBViewer start
- Fix: Service Setup Wizard: Fixed problem with empty password
- Fix: Service Options: Fixed problem with empty password
- Fix: Fixed unnecessary memory consumption for downloading data from the RS

- Change: BDA Hardware Detection: The DVB-S2 flag is now set for unknown DVB-S Devices
- Fix: Hardware Options: The display wasn't updated correctly if no hardware entries were present
- Add: HardwareDB: Support for Technotrend TT-budget CT2-4500 CI and Technotrend TT-connect CT2-4650 CI
- Fix: Hardware/Sundtek/HDHomerun: Added a signal strength query directly after tuning
- Add: HardwareDB: Support for DVBSky S680, DVBSky S960 and DigitalDevices Cine S2 V6.5

- Add: MPEG/Subtitles: Support for subtitles in MPEG files added
- Fix: The "show subtitles automatically" option didn't work under certain circumstances
- Fix: DVB Subtitle: Switching between different languages didn't work
- Change: OSD Subtitle: The OSD subtitle display is now cleared on channel / subtitle stream changes
- Change: Options/TTX Subtitle: Changed the default font size to 24 point
- Change: EPG Parser: The EPG Parser doesn't delete CRLF in the description text anymore
- Change: EPG Processing: The language tag of the EIT EPG is now ignored if only one language is present
- Fix: EPG-Export to HTML: Fixed problems with non ANSI channel names
- Change: EPG Window: Unnecessary updates of the details display removed
- Add: EPG: Tweak to force EPG without character set information to be recognized as ISO6937 encoder
- Fix: EPG-Parser: Fixed missing last character for UTF-8 encoded EPG

Internal Task Scheduler
- Fix: The tasks were not created in the correct order
- Fix: Fixed different defaults for the LeadTime setting
- Fix: The "-i" command line parameter was not detected correctly
- Fix: Running recordings are now deleted from the task list
- Fix: Synchronizing the task list on DVBViewer start
- Fix: Empty parameter didn't work
- Fix: Timer with the same start time result now in only one entry in the task list

Streaming Playback
- Add: Ability to use the LAV Source Filter. By adding a "lav_" before an URL the Lav Splitter will be used instead of the own Vod Filter.

VOD Source Filter
- Fix: Streaming Thread reading problem. Several Splitters tried to read "behind" a file which caused an endless loop inside the reading thread
- Fix: Exception inside GetMediaType, if no PAMMediaType is provided
- Fix: UserAgent changed to allow playback of HbbTV content

- Fix: the Bilinear Hardware Filter is disabled if you use a resample filter. To do so you have to set the ManualResample variable inside the shader script
- Add: Lanczos 3 and 12, Bicubic, resample shader
- Add: Several new Shader effects, like Old TV
- Add: Stereo 3D Left/Right to Up/Down converter, which is required for several 3D glasses like Zeiss Cinemizer OLED
- Change: Shaders have been renamed and sorted into Stereo, Effect and Resample categories

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