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ffdshow Date: 29 September 2014
Size: 4.62 MB (32-bit), 4.80 MB (x64)
Price: freeware
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Note: ffdshow is a GREAT DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DIVX movies, picture postprocessing and show subtitle...
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Publisher's Review:

ffdshow is a DirectShow filter and VFW codec for many audio and video formats, such as DivX, Xvid and H.264. Over 70 bugs have been fixed, codecs have been updated, and support for a few new formats has been added in the tryouts. Vista and AMD x64 are now supported. ffdshow x64 experimental builds are built by albain.

Features of FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder:
- fast video decompression using optimized MMX, SSE and 3DNow! code
- support for different codecs: XviD and all DIVX versions
- additional support for MSMPEG4v1, MSMPEG4v2, MSMPEG4v3 and H263
- can act as generic postprocessing filter for other decoders like MPEG1 or MPEG2
- image postprocessing for higher playback quality
- automatic quality control: automatically reduces postprocessing level when CPU load is high
- hue, saturation and luminance correction (MMX optimized)
- two sharpening filters: xsharpen and unsharp mask
- blur and temporal smoother
- tray icon with menu and quick access to configuration dialog
- noising with two selectable algorithms
- resizing and aspect ratio changing
- subtitles
- completely free software: ffdshow filter is distributed under GPL

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